Non-permission based email marketing for sending cold email to generate leads and traffic.
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Generate your own Leads and Website Traffic by sending cold emails.
  • Custom Domain
  • Dedicated IP
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Cancel Anytime

Here is what our clients have to say:

"Have been looking for this for years, thank you Sending Bulk Mails - awesome service"
"We generated 450 leads in one month!"
"I was scared to try something like this since I have very low-tech skills.  Didn't matter, was simple, and leads started coming in!  Great offer guys!"
"Been trying to find inbound leads like this for my business for years, thanks, I love this service!
  • Custom Domain
  • Dedicated IP
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • ​Cancel Anytime
Welcome to Sending Bulk Mails
Where you're offered tailored bulk mailing options to suit your needs - whatever your audience may be.
  • Mail Server Options
  • Live Dashboard
  • Email Campaigns
  • ​ Full Support
This is a managed solution. We setup email servers and DNS records for you. This runs through our main management system which you access through the dashboard. We monitor your blacklists, spam lists, IP reputation and authorize your domain. We do not however design your emails.